The end of True Blood.

After a crazy, eff-ed up ride, it all comes to an end tonight.

For the most part, I was team eric.  For this sexy vampire...

  • but truth be told....I have come to love Queen Bill for his exciting theatrics.

I will miss the characters of Russell Edgington, Pam, Nan, Franklin and Talbot.

Thanks for making my summers hot.  You perverts.

I know I'm going to be dreaming about walmart sweatsuits and blood in my hair for a long time.

Scary Movie Masterpiece

Here's why....
1.  The Casting.
Genius.  Old people and punk rockers.
Their reactions were what I would expect a real person to do : MELT THE FUCK DOWN AND WHINE LIKE A BITCH.
2.  The Setting
Resurrection Funeral home and a Cemetery.
Nothing's going to go wrong in Kentucky!
3. The Zombies
 gory, smart and fast.  Unlike the bland, dull Walking Dead zombies, these
colorful characters are able to form sentences.
We find out they are merely  looking for some aspirin. Seems legit.
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Goodbye Dexter Morgan.

The planet A lot of people hated the finale.  That must suck.  I thought it was pretty neato.  It's not the masterpiece I didn't even hope for, but I enjoyed it. I'm baffled because I'm usually the first one who wants to be butthurt about something not going my way and freaking out about it. For a show about a serial killer that went on for 8 YEARS, It could have been a lot worse. I don't feel the need join in and feed the beast we used to call the dexter fandom.  There was some issues, but the way it ended, with Dexter as a recluse in the Northwest, made sense to me. I wanted Dexter to live, so that's a big sticking point.   And since I was so desperate for something from the finale, I readily accept the few treats I was offered.
Favorite Parts:
Dexter was absolutely scary looking when he was confronting saxon for the last time.
Gasping when Batista and Quinn were looking at the video.  The mask was long gone and Dexter was just glaring, daring them to test him.
The score at the end was awesome and heartbreaking.
Deb and Dexter's relationship.  Their scenes were powerful.

True Blood finale 2013

I am not sure if it was his perfect haircut, the lighting or make up,
but this show has been able to actually make him even more delicious.
By far, the best part of the season.


Is Bill God now?
Was the severed penis the full frontal nudity you promised fans?
Did Terry kill himself?
How did Jame's basic blood cure Billith?
How come Warlow was reduced to a pathetic blood bag?
Where's Grandpa Nail?  And what did he do with Warlow's balls?

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The end is near.

Great promos for the last season of Dexter...
Seeing all his faces through the years is making me sad for the end.  I have been with this show since the first season back in 2007, so I am having separation anxiety.
But this promo makes me hopeful for the season.